Unemployment a challenge to nigerian youth

Both the government and the individuals should work hand in hand to reduce unemployment. Spend less on the Internet. According to a Nigerian newspaper report, on Sunday 22 Februarya girl of not more than eight years indulged in a suicide bombing in Potiskum market which killed about five and injured many.

Challenges Of Unemployment In Nigeria

The N-Power Build, which is a sub-component of N-Power is an accelerated Vocational Training, Certification and Apprenticeship programme that will engage and train 75, young unemployed Nigerians between the ages of years.

Trending Problem in Nigeria Road accident is another trending challenge in Nigeria.

How To Address Nigeria’s Unemployment Challenge

The government of Nigeria should implement and enforce the law that will be guiding drivers who drive on the roads. Look inward on how to create job for yourself and people around you.

Some archaic traditions and customs do not permit women to occupy top professions or political offices. One cause of Nigerian crime is the drug trade, in which organized criminal groups in Nigeria are heavily involved.

The universities and higher institutions in the country are not in shape. It demands that no philosophy or belief should discriminate the women from participating in any important roles in the country.

Gender and education will be discussed later, but this is a concrete example of how systemic corruption perpetuates a host of problems in Nigeria. The current president, President Mohammed Buhari, is putting his own efforts to bring corruption in the country to the minimal level.

What happens to the remaining five hundred. When the local industry is discouraged, the Nigerian government spends more on imported goods. International observers in reported the rampant theft of ballot boxes, and while in the situation improved, ballot-rigging was still rampant.

Each year,students graduate from universities, but many fail to find a job, and some will seek out less-than-honorable means of supporting themselves. In many places, people feel they can no longer walk around their own neighborhoods unharmed.

Vocational training, apprenticeship will solve Nigeria's youth unemployment challenge - Osinbajo

Mathew Arowoke is coming to speak on intellectual capital. People engage in illegal and bad activities when they are frustrated with legitimate options. Before, it was air accidents by flights that were being experienced in the country until the government of the federation looked into it and had the problem tackled.

Unemployment poses serious challenges to the country. There was a death of over 20 university undergraduates from the University of Nigeria Nsukka on road accidents. It is a threat in the lives of many people and that is one of the reasons why many workers are agitating for increase in there salaries.

Another alternative to solving unemployment issue in Nigeria is through self-discovery. Youth empowerment and initiative will improve life for all Nigerians. It is true that Nigeria is blessed with crude oil petroleum but the question is, how correct are the volumes that are exported out of the country.

Inflation is a big problem in the country. These people are to give practical way forward for the youth. Only God knows the nature of what is in-between the legs of the female students at the moment.

Vocational training, apprenticeship will solve Nigeria's youth unemployment challenge - Osinbajo

As a result of the blast, the market was in flames. This is due to the fact that some women are neglected due to their sex and weaknesses. We have brought up season entreprenueralwe have two senior advocate of Nigeriawe are going to be therewe have assistant director general of GTbank of Osun State and Mathew from Lagos.

Source In terms of Gross Domestic Product of Nigeria, the rate of growth has been sluggish in the recent years. The president on receiving this sad news visited the state.

They have often complained loudly about inappropriate skilling and low practical competency of our young workforce. They took everything he had on him.

What is Boko Haram?.


Unemployment is one of the most serious problems facing Nigeria like many other countries in the world. However, there is also a growing level of security challenges. 13 days ago · That unemployment of young people is a serious problem in Nigeria is to say the least as the total unemployment rate is said to be percent.

Youth unemployment rates far exceed adult unemployment rates. 6 days ago · Some of the youths that participated in the conference He said the benefits of entrepreneurship today, cannot be overemphasized because it an antidote for youth unemployment.

UNDERSTANDING AND OVERCOMING THE CHALLENGE OF YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA 1Haruna Ruth, 2Attah Yusuf Emmanuel, Nigerian society is facing social disorder as a result of many atrocities linked with the youth unemployment.

Youth unemployment: Expert calls for stakeholders’ collaboration on capacity-building

Ekpo () rightly opines that that. YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT: CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS IN NIGERIA The development and transformation of Nigerian and the Sub -Sahara Africa is highly dependent on youth empowerment through Entrepreneurship. They are the backbone of economic youth.

Youth Unemployment in Nigeria – Challenges and Way Forward Akin Iwayemi Department of Economics University of Ibadan Ibadan, Nigeria Email:[email protected]

Unemployment a challenge to nigerian youth
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