Questionnaire on customer satisfaction in pantaloon

It also plans to get into insurance, consumer credit and other consumer-related financial products and services in the near future. From the above table it can be seen that majority of the respondents have income level between i. As most cement sales are not direct to consumer, it is vital for acement manufacturer to market and sell to contractors,subcontractors and suppliers serving the construction industry.

In this study it was found that Apparel stores have maximum females customers. He's booked over 4. They are open for an extended period of the day and have a limited variety of stock and convenience products.

Convenience sampling technique is used in this study. The questionnaire consisted of combination of open ended and close-ended question. This survey helps me a lot to know about the different parameters proffered by the customers before entering a retail outlet. Packaging should be dry 5.

It has considerable success in many Indian cities and small towns. Here I have seen in warding, racking, out warding, segregation and maintenance of the stock physically as well as in SAP. These are generally family-owned businesses catering to small sections of society.

Eight arms unit 6. Some of the people believe that the prices in big bazaar is high compare to kirana stores, But by this study I can say that big bazaar provide less price by giving discount and offers. These central ware houses control nearest stores to minimize the expenditure of transportation.

Second part of my job was to work in store ware house where I have seen the complete receiving of the material and documentation process by following all the rules of S. The main objective of the study was i. Online sales have grown rapidly for such products as books and music CDs and computers, but the profit margins are slim when price comparisons are so easy, and public trust in online security is still shaky.

As per our estimates, the share of the 35 towns with a present population of greater than 1 million in India's total population would grow much faster than their smaller counterparts, from However a conducive atmosphere exists in favour of foreign direct investment that can be allowed in a phased manner like it happened in China.

Products and services are generally sold through the store or on the internet. But it does not provide a feel of the product and is sometimes not authentic.

To find out Customer satisfaction Index (CSI) of Pantaloon & Spencer To study and compare CSI of pantaloon & Spencer For this research paper, a sample from. A very important element of business strategy, market research is an organized effort to collect information about markets or customers.

It is an important factor to get advantage over rivals. Overview of reliance fresh by shailendra in Types > Presentations. The Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) is designed to measure an employee’s satisfaction with particular job.

Method includes items measuring 20 facets of job satisfaction. There are three version are available: two long forms ( version and version) and a short form. I took the response of 3, 5, 7 star customer in my questionnaire. How much the factors like the distance of the store from consumer’s house affect the decision of a customer choosing to visit Pantaloon.

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Very satisfiedSatisfiedCan’t say dissatisfiedRate your satisfaction level of shopping at Pantaloons at 5-point scale. are collected from the respondents through questionnaire method, personal discussion and interaction. Bazaar, Pantaloon the biggest retailers in India. questionnaires were distributed among the newly appointed and old employees and impacts on productivity which leads to higher level of customer and employee satisfaction and enhances.

A Study on Customer Satisfaction with Pantaloons Questionnaire on customer satisfaction in pantaloon
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