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Even though the rhymes in the poem were mostly slant rhymes I did notice that the poem did make use of cleaner rhyming words. This cast of characters has certainly not been chosen for its startling effect. The words and the symbolism in this poem are simple but very powerful at the same time. It makes us more than ever to believe that there is still hope that Africa can be at par with the rest of the world The poem teaches us to love Africa more because we now have the assurance of hope on our side, no matter how difficult situations may be.

The current editor is the poet Emily Berrywho succeeded Maurice Riordan with the Spring issue. Our hope is that with some new staff announcements coming soon and some adjustments to our reading strategies, Boxcar will grow even stronger.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, if you quickly inform us of acceptance elsewhere. The title of this poem is borrowed from something Michael Ondaatje said recently https: Yes Africa must push away vigorously with persistence despite the hurdles on the way to taste the flavour of freedom.

For character building, the rigors of the proud and lonely, eventually crystallizing in rapt adulation of the single star, which is big, bright, deep, near, soft, calm, alone and holy--"Who holy alone holy alone holy alone.

This poem tells our story now in a prophetic way. Click below to support Boxcar Poetry Review Poetry. Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, PowerShow.

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The words, the meanings in the words, and also the nebula of meaning and sound and pun around the words, are all put into an enlivening relation to each other. Be able to distinguish between metaphor a poetic comparison and metonymy using a symbol to stand for what it representsa hyperbole an exaggerationand a synecdoche when a part is used instead of the wholefor example.

Go beyond simply describing the story and the theme of the poem. As we read "No thanks" carefully, the following picture emerges: And both seem driven by attitudes for which there is no completely adequate remedy in the realm of the practical with Cummings, a sense of isolation--with Fearing, an obsession with death.

Logan Pearsall Smith, into an explosive system of fragments which, so far from making the cadences easier to follow only involves us in a jig-saw puzzle of putting them together again.

We also feature a wonderful interview with Philip Schaefer conducted by Jory Mickelson, as well as, two reviews: His crisp style of poetry with its Middle Eastern flair helped set Songs of Eretz apart from other venues. Please note that the Pittsburgh Poetry Review is now an online journal.

We are also now offering contributors payment of $25 per poem. Pittsburgh Poetry Review welcomes and encourages submissions from those underrepresented in literary journals, including women and gender non-conformists, people of color, the immigrant communities, and members of the LGBTQIA community.

Shining Debut from Online Journal of Poetry. Review of River Heron Review, Summer by David Morgan O'Connor. A Diverse and Intriguing Journal Filled with Fanciful Works. Review of Offing, Fall by John Tuttle. Highs and Lows in this 40th Anniversary Edition. The American Poetry Review is happy to announce that Mark McCloughan has been awarded the Stanley Kunitz Memorial Prize for their January 02.

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A new online literary journal of poetry and writing from Northamptonshire, UK. i don't know hangul, but the way the poem in the ending was translated into english, it was beautiful. it tells a lot about dementia and old age, helplessness, kindness, famaily, morality and poetry.

amazing woman. This review contains spoilers, click expand to. It was hard forgetting to follow up on Lasky after my experience with her first book Awe. The explosion of my Coke can upon tearing the freshly received parcel from Wave Books containing Dorothea Lasky’s Black Life was not causally related.

Although after digesting Lasky’s aforementioned second book of poetry, it may as well have been.

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