Disney college program reviews

Bus transportation is covered in the cost of rent. Students must be enrolled in an accredited university or college as a full-time or part-time student, and actively taking classes.

My Disney College Program Experience

It shows that you are serious about the programs and that you want to learn as much as possible. Have you ever lived in a dorm or with other people. Have you been to Disney World. What are you most looking forward to. My mentor allowed me to make the call on how many pastries to order if we ran low during the day, and I was even tasked with training full-time, part-time, and college-program cast members that entered the workplace after me.

Attractions What experience have you had speaking in front of crowds.

The Walt Disney Company Employee Reviews

From the beginning of the program untilalmost all program participants stayed in an off-property mobile home park called Snow White Village Campground the remainder in Lake Vista Village apartments in nearby Kissimmee, Florida. At what pace do you prefer to work.


My top 3 roles are: It shows you're more interested in things other than just trying to get accepted. What makes you a good candidate for the program. Sounds weird, but if you haven't noticed, the majority of these questions are about YOU. If there is a question which asks, "Have you ever been convicted of a felony.

Rank your top three-five roles. What experience do you have with children. How do you feel about being trained on a computer reservation system.

Program Phases

These were the ones I used to practice, remember my top three roles were merchandise, attractions, and concierge, so that's why most of those questions are on this list.

Most organizations which are intelligently run have a reasonable policy allowing for flexibility. Participants, just like every Cast Member, attend Traditions, which is a 4 hour long orientation that demonstrates everything about the Resort of employment and the company in general. How did you handle it.

Some Hospitality specific questions are: One of the biggest perks of the Disney College Program is getting to live within the Disney bubble.

Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Each participant can choose to live in a one, two, three, or four bedroom apartment with two to three people per bedroom. I actually removed a lot of questions that didn't pertain to me, since I wasn't applying for Character Attendent or Transportation or roles like that as my top three, but these are pretty much the most common questions that get asked.

Everything You Need to Know about the Disney College Program

Class at Magic Kingdom, does it even get better than that. Also, many internships can turn into full-time jobs, so one might want to be available for those great opportunities too, rather than stuck in the pickle of having to finish school first.

Do you think it would be a big adjustment to move this far from home. Roommates are assigned by gender and age, except in the case of a married couple. So it's worth it if you want to work for Disney in the future, but not as worth it if your future career path has nothing to do with Disney.

Having just returned from my Disney internship, I can say that I absolutely enjoyed it. Everyone makes a mistake now and then, and wise evaluators realize that they are cutting themselves off from very good potential candidates if they follow policies with no built in "leeway.

The cost of housing varies depending on the housing location. What Disney character is most like you. Are you familiar with the Disney parks and other parks in the area. Living in Disney housing means making Disney friends.

While Corporate Analysis was interesting toward the beginning, it really started to drain by the end, and I found myself feeling relieved that it was over.

After discussing specifically why I was interested in it, she asked: My best advice is to make sure you know yourself. We then spoke about the working aspect of the program. I have always wanted to complete an internship there, and I am very happy I had the opportunity to do so. What are some words your employer, coworker, or professor would use to describe you?.

The Disney College Program Process We invite you to browse this general information, intended to help understand the various phases of the program.

Disney College Program Housing: Part One (Registration)

If you seek a more interactive experience, please join our active conversation forum on Facebook. Disney’s California parks also have a college program but it’s on a much smaller scale.

Only a few hundred students participate in it, and unlike in Florida, the company doesn’t offer housing. Oct 17,  · Just got My Disney College Program position Is it worth it?, Orlando, 41 replies Question about Disney's Professional Internship program?, Orlando, 7 replies Does anyone know about the Disney World College Program?, Orlando, 1 replies.

From the Disney College Program Guidebook: Cast Members enjoy a large variety of discounts. A complete listing can be found on The Hub on the Cast tab. Special discounts also are listed in Eyes & Ears. The following are just a sample of the services and offerings.

Company D. On Episode 6 of the Love of the Mouse Podcast, Matt and Gage are joined by their friend and former Walt Disney World cast member, Kara Vanderwiel, as she discusses her recent completion of the Disney College Program.

The Disney College Program is the opportunity of a lifetime and I want you to walk away at the end of your program with zero regrets about the experience.

Disney college program reviews
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