Antithesis origin review

John Longstreth, and the intense and relentless riffing of Paul Ryan. My slight issue with the growling vocals aside "Antithesis" is overall a very impressive album.

That said though, it's kind of too much at times. It just never ends. Our automated banning policies are not perfect and sometimes too strict, and some IP addresses are banned by accident.

ORIGIN — Antithesis

Sure the song is 9: And for all you supposedly "br00tal" bands out there, do yourself a favor. One final note about the music is a gem that was saved for the last track. Please be sure to add any information that might help us understand why you might have been banned.

They certainly have the technical skills and creativity to pull it off. You can request being unbanned by clicking here and completing the form.

It's for those who truly appreciate great musicianship and kickass tunes.


Nile, for sure, but Origin. There is just nothing here that really sets these guys apart from many of the average Tech Death bands that are cluttering the already congested genre.

Vocally, the singer has a range between a low growl and higher pitched rasp that alternates fluidly throughout each song. At that point, I pressed the stop button. It was an album that I, for one, was unsure they could top. I mean, though this album is what you would expect from Origin, it's also a step or three beyond that.

Now, to me, this is something they should have really worked out in the studio. There are some slower and crushingly heavy mid-paced parts on the album too, but they are few some sections from the 9: He's backed by Jeremy Turner, another outstanding guitar player, who should be well known by his work with Unmerciful.

I went into this album expecting it to be another wank-fest, and that thought ended around the middle of the first song. 11 rows · Case in point, Origin, and their release, Antithesis. Although they are extreme 7/ Origin - Antithesis review: While being extremely technical and bludgeoning the listener with and endless amount of sweep picked arpeggio's and insane bass lines, Antithesis fails to bring anything truly original to the table and falls into the extremely average category.

I went into this album expecting it to be another wank-fest, and that thought ended around the middle of the first song. Maintaining that level of sheer insanity for which ORIGIN is known, "Antithesis" shows that the band has learned how to take control over their own chaos and mold it into the highly complex, yet.

Origin Antithesis (Relapse Records) While certainly death metal in is on the upswing with releases by Brain Drill, Decrepit Birth, and Hate Eternal, the fact is death metal is still just death metal.

Antithesis origin review
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